All is silent as the wooden boat appears to be floating through the air, but in fact is slowly moving along the shallow waters of the Iboih Beach: the waters are so calm and crystal clear that it feels as if it is floating in the air. The beautiful and natural beaches at Iboih will surely change your perception of a boat coming in to dock at the pier.

Pantai Iboih, also known as Teupin Layeu, is located opposite the west bank of the legendary Pulau Weh, or Weh island, in northern Aceh, Sumatra’s most northern province. When compared to a U-shaped horseshoe, Iboih lies left of the arch. Its geographical location facing the wide Indian Ocean signals openness for anyone to come or leave at any time, but the memories and experiences received here will not be forgotten soon.

The town of Iboih, located on Pulau Weh is the most westerly point of Indonesia. Pantai Iboih (Iboih Beach) will bring your expectations of 'natural beauty' to a whole new level. This small, hidden paradise has remained largely untouched by much of the tourist traffic, giving it a more relaxed and laid back atmosphere. Its forests are well protected by Iboih's charming coastline of golden sands that is strewn with giant boulders. The shallow ocean water which is so clear that you can see the ocean bed, has a bluish-green hue which exudes a feeling of peace and relaxation. The coast which appears to be curved, resembles lips, smiling and welcoming passersby to come and partake in its warmth and see the exotic flora and fauna of the tropical rainforests that are part of Indonesia’s natural wealth.

Near the town of Iboih is a large protected forest reserve. It is no exaggeration when this protected forest is described as a paradise, as noted by many visiting tourists. You can explore the forests which has a lovely beach nearby that is available for when you want to cool off and swim among the small fish and colorful coral. The tropical forest trees also give shade to many parts of the sandy beaches.

Source: indonesia.travel

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