Clay (kaolin) is one of natural resources from under ground of Belitung island. This mining have created many job opportunities for people of Belitung. All of kaolin mine products are shipped to outside Belitung for raw materials of paint and cosmetics factory. But, the negative impacts from this mining as you can see, is environment damage, same as tin mining activity. The damage is becoming worst since this mining also contaminate several big river in Belitung.

Nearest Destination

Welcome to Tanjung Tinggi, the most popular beach in Belitung. Our opinion, this beach is not only popular, but it is truly beautiful. In this page we want to share how special of this place. If you visit Belitung, never miss this place. Tanjung Tinggi is a beach placed among two peninsulas This is white sandy beach, and it is special because there are hundreds of granite boulders spreading mainly in both peninsula as well as in the beach and sea. The size of that granite starting from a meter cubic until several hundred meter cubic or bigger than a house. You can climb, walk and jump among the granites to see exclusive view from every angle from you stand. The shape of that boulders are also unique, some combination form a cave, the place for you to escape from small rain. They are placed ...