Tikus (Mouse) island, “tikus” is Indonesia word means “mouse”. Tikus Island is tourism object located at about 15 kilometer from City of Bengkulu coast to the west. It is a small island surrounded by the coral reef. Tikus Island can be reached from Bengkulu by boat for about 45 minutes drives.

Many years ago, this island is place to the ships anchored for shelter from the storm buffeting waves of Samudera Indonesia. The island is approximately in size 60 x 100 meters and here also there is the Tower of the lighthouse. On this island usually there is the spawning green turtles.

Tikus Island is clean and beauty with crystal clear sea water. It is very clear so that you may see some fishes swimming around the coral which surround this small island clearly. It is part of Bengkulu tourism destination especially for tourist which have great interest in snorkeling, diving and fishing.

Nearest Destination

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