Replica of Muhammadiyah Elementary school Laskar Pelangi Village is located in Hang subdistrict Lenggang East Belitung. From Airport Tanjung Pandan HAS Hanandjoeddin can be traveled with a journey time of 1 hour. Since the rise of the novel and the film Laskar Pelangi, to Belitung Island is increasing from year to year. Other positive effects that began to squirm and economic growth after the decline of tin mining community in Dublin.

Muhammadiyah Elementary School Laskar Pelangi today is actually only a replica of Muhammadiyah elementary school, which has been renamed MTS Muhammadiyah is located not far from the current location. Something very interesting of Muhammadiyah elementary school rainbow irregulars are even movie Laskar Pelangi has been played in 2008, but Muhammadiyah elementary school still remains an idol for tourists.

Nearest Destination

The beautiful Belitung Island, off the eastern coast of Sumatra was once known only as Billiton, the top producer of tin and tin mining in the world. But with the decline of this commodity, interest in the island gradually waned. However, one fascinating book, which was later made into a movie threw back the spotlight on this island with all its beauty. The book was “LaskarPelangi” or “The Rainbow Troop” and its author, Andrea Hirata, a writer born and raised on Belitung. Today, a museum named the Andrea Hirata’s Museum of Words stands as an inspirational window for all, that it is possible to achieve our dreams despite many drawbacks, just as the novel has taught us. Located on Jalan Laskar Pelangi No.7, in the town of Gantung, East Belitung, in the Bangka Belitung Province, ...