The water surrounding Saronde Island is famous for being clear and unpolluted by industrial waste, thus making it worth it for various marine activity such as swimming, surfing, diving, snorkeling and water ski.

Saronde is not only famous for its view. The people of Saronde Island also has a unique tradition. During certain periods, usually on Saronde Festival in July, they held a Ketinting (small speedboat) race, going around the Saronde Island.
This boat race is one of the most anticipated moment by the people in Kwandang District. You could also interact with the people during this event.

Nearest Destination

Gorontalo expresses itself as a “Culture City”, as seen from the variety of traditional dances, music, and legends that it has. From colonial heritage buildings and fortresses to beach resorts with modern facilities, Gorontalo city is a veritable treasure chest of sights and experiences to be had. The city of Gorontalo, capital of the province of Gorontalo, is nestled in the calm waters of the northern shoreline of the Tomini Bay, on the southern fringe of Sulawesi's protective northern arm. Here the weather is balmy and equatorial, the landscape punctuated by chains of mountains. Being the main gateway to the diving mecca of the Togean Islands and only a 1 hour flight from Manado, Gorontalo is easily reached and often passed through. However, stop to have a look around and you may ...