Welcome to Tanjung Tinggi, the most popular beach in Belitung. Our opinion, this beach is not only popular, but it is truly beautiful. In this page we want to share how special of this place. If you visit Belitung, never miss this place.

Tanjung Tinggi is a beach placed among two peninsulas This is white sandy beach, and it is special because there are hundreds of granite boulders spreading mainly in both peninsula as well as in the beach and sea. The size of that granite starting from a meter cubic until several hundred meter cubic or bigger than a house. You can climb, walk and jump among the granites to see exclusive view from every angle from you stand. The shape of that boulders are also unique, some combination form a cave, the place for you to escape from small rain. They are placed on top of each other to form a nice object as you can clearly from the picture.

Tanjung Tinggi is also called Pelabuhan Bilik (Bilik Port). This place was a used as fishery port by locals in nearest village of Keciput or Tanjung Tinggi. There were many traditional seafood restaurants along this beach which is now being relocated to new area near the village just accross the street of the beach. This is the place for visitor totake a rest, coffee or order your lunch. The main menu is seafood.

Source: belitungisland.com
Photo: instagram.com/pillarpamungkas

Nearest Destination

Maybe this is the most famous beach in the center of Belitung City. Its location in Tanjung Pandan makes this beach the target of visits by Belitung residents who want to relax and enjoy the sunset on the beach. Tanjung Pendam Beach is indeed the pride of the people who live in the Laskar Pelangi State center. In addition to enjoying the atmosphere of the beach with the waves that are not too big, visitors can also enjoy the atmosphere of the amusement park around the beach. Sitting while relaxing around the beach is a fun thing on the beach that is often used to hold Belitung's special art events.